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Ahhh a Massage is a sanctuary for those who are filled with stress and worry.   From the flower
gardens and pretty statues in the yard, to the beautiful gold fish swimming in the pond near the
porch, you feel you have entered another world.

Margie greets you at the door with a smile.  As you enter, you know this place is special.  Margie
has a calming voice and manner about her.  She directs you to her special Massage Room.  The
room is softly lit, decorated with soft relaxing colors and very pretty accessories.  From the sound
of the fountain running to the soft, relaxing music, you begin to feel relaxed.   As you lay on the
heated table, you feel the cares of the day lift away

Stress had always affected my whole body, especially my back and neck. I feel stressed all the time.
Margie’s gentle deep massage loosens up tight muscles.  I get the whole body massage because it
relieves tension everywhere.  I can actually almost fall asleep on the table. 
It is as close to Heaven as you can imagine.
When the massage is over, I feel like a new person.  I am thankful for Margie. She talks to you after
the massage and answers any questions you may have.   She is helping me to get healthy.  She also
educates you on exercises that relax the body.

All I can say is “Ahhhhh….what a massage!!!!”

Theresa Prescott

Data Entry Clerk

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