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Public Speaking

Margie is available to speak in front of groups and organizations.

Call for a list of subjects and to schedule a time.

412 877- 8569

Breast Health Awareness ----- Explore what is under the skin- changes during a life time.  Monthly Self Breast Exam - changing the negative mindset to a positive one.

Phluffing the "Girls"----- Relax, laugh, move the "girls" to boost your immune system to fight the 
BIG "C".   Will Someone Please Explain

Fibromyalgia ----- What is it? Do I have it? Tell me I'm not crazy. How does stress and the weather affect me. Teach me how to be proactive - helpful tips. 

Benefits of Therapeutic Massage ----- Learn The Power of compassionate Touch. Explore Why the muscles and the body chemistry change. How to get in tune with your body  

Stress and Pain ----- Explore the relationship between stress and painIdentify the changes to muscles and to the body.  Discuss benefits of massage therapy Planning activities for healthy lifestyle 
Hand Massage ----- Introduction to relaxation Learn how to give hand massages. Group Interaction

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