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 A Message from Margie  
You give so much everyday. And you think “I need a break”.
   You need someone to take care of you for a change. You tired and
   weary of doing it all. You would like to “
Just get away” to some
   place different to refresh yourself if only for an Hour. 
Life can be
   difficult dealing with Illness, Stress at Work, Children and Aging
   Parents.  At some point we all want to just get away to relax
   Remember what relax felt like?
   Or maybe you have never felt  Relaxed.

Ahhh a Massage
is the feeling I hope to create when you receive your massage. That relaxed refreshing feeling.

 Ahhh a Massage  is a home based business that is a safe peaceful haven  for you to unwind. A place where you’re accepted and affirmed.  A place were there are no dead lines or demands. Your hardest decision required of you is selecting which fragrance of lotion you would prefer ( Lavender,  Orange -Ginger, Green Tea and Mint or Unscented).

 The house was chosen for its unique design so you would feel like you went on a mini vacation when you never really left the neighborhood. The serenity garden and fish pond are a part of the plan to relax and refresh you. The massage room engulfs you in a soft green with low lights and candles. You sink onto a heated table as you nestle in  soft cozy flannel sheets. The music lets your mind drift away.

 Your skillfully given massage is design to meet your needs after reviewing your personal intake form.

I will strive to do my best to make the experience as relaxing as possible.

Need a unique gift ?   I offer custom-made gift certificates for all occasions. 

 Ahhh a Massage is a home based business  serving the South Hills communities since 1999. 
  I believes that beauty of body and spirit comes
from healing and relaxation. 

  You will never want to leave!

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